Are you ready to …

  • Learn the strategy I’ve used to go from living in a state house to building a $17 million property portfolio.
  • Find out why property investment strategies from the 80's, 90's and even 2010 no longer work because of ever changing technology and new regulations in the finance and property industry.
  • Discover the lessons Lucia learned from working in a leading New Zealand bank through the Global Financial Crisis.
  • Find out how to take advantage of Auckland’s Unitary plan.
  • Discover how to make your mortgage application rock solid.
  • Get a FREE tailored assessment on your current situation.
  • Learn the secrets to property investment success I’ve gained from working as a financial advisor through the GFC for a leading NZ bank for more than 15 years.

If you found yourself saying YES to any of the strategies above, then this workshop is perfect for you.

Discover the Auckland Property Investment Secrets to Unlocking Your Financial Potential

For 20 years Lucia Xiao has personally helped 10’s of thousands of Aucklanders and believes education is the key to achieving their property investment goals.

Many of Lucia’s clients have become multi-millionaires, and others have realised financial freedom to live the lifestyle they’d been dreaming of. Over the last 20 years Lucia has developed the 5 steps to Financial Freedom program with proven strategies that work specifically for Auckland.

And now for the first time, Lucia has created a brand new 1 day workshop packed full of invaluable tips for you to learn.

Lucia truly believes education is the key to escaping poverty, that’s why she proudly supports Kidscan through the B1G1 program.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will be unlike any other property investment program you may have experienced. And it’s open to any first home buyer, homeowners or property investor that’s ready to take control of their future.

Here’s the Proven Expert Methods you’ll learn at Unlock Your Financial Potential

Self-made Multi-millionaire & Property Investment Mentor 

Lucia Xiao is a successful property investment mentor, founder of Finax Home Loans and author of Financial Freedom: 5 Steps, 5 Years.

Lucia came to New Zealand from China in the late 90’s and began working life in a poultry shop on eight dollars an hour. From humble beginnings living in a state house, Lucia has now built a $17 million property portfolio in 5 years, and is on track to double this within the next 2 – 3 years.

Lucia has also managing a branch, and been an investment advisor, mobile business manager through the GFC and business and commercial insurance manager for a leading NZ bank.
Her experience working with 10’s of thousands of banking customers has helped her develop the ultimate property investment programme tailored uniquely to investing in central Auckland. Lucia also is a proud supporter of Kidscan through the B1G1 program.

What program attendees have to say

Learn from a Mentor not a Coach.

To maximise your financial potential you need the best education.

To be a mentor you need to have achieved the results yourself. That’s why Lucia knows investing in Auckland property works. Lucia will show you why you should buy in central Auckland, and why you should never buy a unit or apartment.

 You can expect an enjoyable, simple and easy to understand presentation packed with powerful information you can use. You’ll leave feeling inspired and ready to get on the road to financial freedom, so you can begin living your true life purpose.

One Day to Unlock Your Financial Potential


Sat 6 June 2020


644 Great South Road

Ellerslie, Auckland 


‘’Dear Lucia, I cannot thank you enough for your support & guidance over the last year. You’ve been so patient with us while we’ve been learning as well as pushing us to reach our financial potential.’’


“That’s what I like about her – she’s real.

She knows how to have a laugh… and you can just be honest with her, and that speaks volumes. She came from having not much to having so much – the real deal.”